Old Glory Relay to return to the region

WSIL -- Runners and veterans around the region are coming together again Saturday (October 8) for the Old Glory Relay. Team RWB is behind the effort to get the flag passed from coast to coast.

The route this year is further south, but some in our area wanted to make sure the flag still made its way through southern Illinois. Brian Flath and Tom Harness helped to organize the effort here at home.

"For me personally, it's about the flag, the patriotism, and making sure we remember what our freedom is and what people have done to sacrifice and make that happen. It's a moving situation to see it handed off from veteran to veteran, civilian to civilian in southern Illinois. It's a wonderful feeling," said Harness who is also a veteran.

Flath said, "Really it's an opportunity for any veteran along the way to participate. The Greenbriar and Grand Avenue section we're encouraging people to gather there. Any veteran who wants to step out and walk with the flag. We don't care if it's 10 feet or 100 yards. We want as many people as possible."

The route begins in Chester Saturday morning. The group is looking for veterans and supporters to cheer for runners as they make their way through Murphysboro, Carbondale and Carterville.

Runners are expected to arrive at Loopers in Carterville that evening, likely around 6 p.m. A celebratory reception will follow. You can keep up with the run via the Old Glory Relay Facebook page.