Old Glory Relay stars, stripes, and strides

YUMA, Ariz. - A cross country flag relay that started in Washington made its way to the Desert Southwest Wednesday.

Members of Team Red, White, and Blue carried the American flag through city streets to support our veterans.

"Just sharing the support of the people who sometimes have given their lives like my uncle have been injured in wars. All of the things they do to support us and to keep us safe and to keep our country free," said runner Bridgett Allen. 

A special group of men and woman began an admirable relay race across the country carrying a single American flag. It’s called the old glory relay with every step having one goal in mind. 

"Awareness of basically veterans and the things that are happening to them basically with PTSD and the aspects of what happens to veterans they don’t come back. Giving them the opportunity to reconnect," said organizer Dave Cline.

The journey includes 62 relay teams like the one in Yuma who will run over 4,000 miles.

For some, participating in the relay is particularly meaningful.

“My uncle is actually a Vietnam vet who was injured in Vietnam and so he’s probably the first one I think of. Then my husband is a veteran he was in the air force for 13 years and currently my 19 year old son is a marine," said Allen.

“I have a lot of friends who are veterans and they ride a lot so I love riding my bicycle. I try to help them out by teaching them how to ride," said bicyclist Alonso Flores. 

The relay helps people connect to the American flag. One hand-off after another, under the shade of old glory.

"Our country needs to realize what all of these men and woman done for us and for our freedoms," said Allen.